January 30, 2024
Farhad Barakat
(Sinjar, Iraq)

(On August 3, 2014, Islamic State terrorists attacked the Yazidi town of Sinjar and surrounding area in northern Iraq, in what became a genocide of the Yazidi people. Thousands of Yazidis were killed, thousands of women and girls were taken into sexual slavery, and hundreds of thousands were displaced. To this day, more than two thousand are still being held captive by ISIL, and more than 300,000 are still living in IDP (internally-displaced-persons) camps in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.)


24 January 2024

Today, we are here in Kocho (in Sinjar, Iraq), at the Kocho cemetery. Today, 14 of the remains of the Yazidi genocide victims who were killed by ISIS have been received by their relatives, and they will be buried here by their families. It’s very sad that we are here. 

Fourteen from Kocho, and in total 42 of the Yazidi remains have been received by their relatives and were commemorated at the Yazidi Genocide Memorial. It’s very sad. 

Some of these people are still waiting for their missing ones. But we are just asking from God to rest their souls in peace.

Thank you so much.


Farhad Barakat


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