Now we can add climate to Afghanistan's challenges
May 19, 2022
Ahmad Nisar
(Kabul, Afghanistan)

When people speak of climate change, they generally mean pollution and global warming. But have we focused enough on the way the effects of climate are pulling us back from sustainable development? 

As a resident of Kabul, one of the most polluted cities in the world, climate change is a nightmare. When winter approaches, haze and smoke cover the sky and make breathing difficult for me. Even more disturbing is the disparity in the effects of climate within different cross sections of wealth and gender. My young cousin, like so many others, has had to sacrifice so much in her education, her freedom, and her health because of these effects. 

I’ve made a short documentary to draw attention to how critical the issue is for Afghanistan and for the world. I envision a sustainable future, where we’re all uplifted by our environment. I hope you will watch. And then tell me how you think we can work together.

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