The cruelty of winter for Afghans
February 15, 2023
Ahmad Nisar
(Kabul, Afghanistan)

In Afghanistan, winter always brings bitterness to most of the population. Some works, like construction, are halted in the winter, making life difficult for day laborers. People become confused about whether to spend their limited money on food or on warming sources.


It's been reported that malnutrition was 90% higher in 2022 than in 2021 due to food shortages. Similarly, because of extreme cold and lack of resources, child mortality is reported often and registered pneumonia cases have increased by 55% in hospitals.


Teachers, former military workers, and government employees are frequently seen standing in lines for food aid, especially after the political upheaval. Last year in rural provinces, people even sold their kidneys at an inexpensive price in order to just survive.


The sanctions and Afghanistan’s frozen assets are other factors destroying the already poor and fragile economy. Nevertheless, a popular question - especially now that the weather has gone as low as -30 in some provinces - is how will people will survive the harsh winter when they can’t even afford a loaf of bread? 

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