October 25, 2023
Sipa Kurda
(Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan/Iraq)

Aga Abdulla is a young fashion designer from Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, who is now well-known for designing corsets. 

Aga is the founder and owner of her own fashion brand, Sulilace. The brand is popular in Kurdistan, and especially in Sulaymaniyah for Aga’s corsets designs. 


Aga is an engineering graduate of American University of Iraq, Sulaymaniyah. While she was a student, she found herself interested in designing dresses on a tablet and making them for herself. Then when she was around 21 years old, she went to a cutting and sewing course, and she started to learn basic skills for making clothes. 

It took her almost a year until she became capable of designing and making clothes for herself and for others. That was the turning point at which she thought about having her own online business where she could design clothes for people and sell them. 

Although some of her friends were against her working in this field since she is an engineering student, and because fashion is not a well-paid job, she insisted on continuing and was able to prove them wrong. 

After some months she participated in her first fashion line in Sulaymaniyah, organized by one of Kurdistan’s famous designers. She was successful in showing her personality and ideas through her work, and after this event, she became known in Sulaymaniyah and throughout Kurdistan in a very short time. 

Aga had no sponsors, nor did anyone help her with the budget. She depended on herself to improve her business on Instagram, and she named it SulilaceSulilace is two words: “Suli” from her hometown Sulaymaniyah. And lace, her favorite fabric. 

Aga began participating in other fashion lines and events where she displayed her work and designs. “With the support of my family, I became capable of achieving my goals, and more to come,” Aga said. 

Aga also added: “I don’t like to give up easily, no matter the reason, I face all the people and challenges, just to make my dream come true.” 

Now, the Sulilace brand is growing day after day and becoming popular in Kurdistan and Iraq — for making corsets with a touch of art. 

Here is Aga’s brand page. Enjoy!


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